Home Safety Tips

When a family has children they need to take home safety very seriously. Within a matter of seconds a child can become seriously injured. There are some ways to keep the home safe for children.

home security tips

Hot Water

Children like to touch things and in an instant they can turn on the hot water and get burned. The water heater temperature should be lowers to be no more than 120 degrees. While the water will still be hot it will not scald the child in a matter of seconds.

home safety tipsInstall Guards

Childproof guards should be installed on cabinets in order to keep the children out of them. There are even childproof locks that can be installed on doors to rooms that children are not allowed in. all medication should be stored out of the reach of children and the cabinet they are in should be locked as well.

Lock Guns

Almost half of all households have a firearm. If a household does have a gun it should be kept in a gun safe that is always locked. The ammunitions should be locked up as well. A parent has to explain that the gun is not a toys and go over gun safety. Just in case it should be locked up where the child does not play.

These are just some tips for home safety for children. Children can get injured even if a parent turns their head for only a second so it is important to take measures to keep them safe.