Burglar Safety Tips

The first line of defense that people have against burglars and other criminals is the doors to their home. While every household has a lock sometimes it is not enough. There are some tips to making the home door even more secure.

Get the Correct Door

Some doors are hollow and can be easily kicked in. Many hollow doors are made out cardboard with a veneer covering. The doors to the home should be solid so they cannot be easily kicked in. Ideal materials from the home door include fiberglass, solid wood, and even reinforced metal.

burglar protection

The Swing

It is best if the door will swing outward instead of opening inward like most doors do. Even if a person does try to force their way in they will have a difficult time. This will also absorb the force that a person is using to force their way in. While they are struggling the homeowner will have a chance to call the police.

Lock At All Times

A surprising number of people do not lock their doors while they are at home. The doors should be locked at all times. Even if a person is leaving for a couple of minutes the door should be locked.
These are just some ways to make the home safer and the doors a better source of protection. These tips will help a person feel safe in their home and we’ll make sure their family is well protected.